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Unprecedented trends and developments require us all to transform the way we live, work, travel, study and socialise. In this state of flux and new context, the CAUTHE 2021 conference is going ahead for the first time ONLINE! This is a great opportunity for CAUTHE to expand its reach and impact by welcoming and encompassing into its program scholars from all over the globe as well as enabling them to exchange knowledge, deepen and establish new international collaborations. 

COVID-19 is significantly impacting and disrupting tourism, hospitality, sports, events and leisure industries with long lasting and transformational effects. Discussions about pre-existing socio-cultural, environmental and economic issues (e.g. climate change, overdevelopment and overtourism, economic crises, terrorism, globalisation) are blooming, as the COVID-19 has intensified and magnified their causes, symptoms and impacts

During the slow down, industry and academia have changed to ensure business continuity and stakeholder engagement, but they have also had the opportunity to reflect on the past and rethink their practices and consequences on the economy, the local communities and society as well as the environment.

The pandemic and its conversion to a global economic and social crisis can be seen as a transformative stressor that is accelerating change and driving the re-shape of a ‘better’ tourism future. Transformation is envisioned and seen everywhere:

  • At any level (macro, meso-institutional, micro)
  • From an international to a regional and local scale
  • Across tourism, hospitality and events related industries and within related organisations (e.g. finance, marketing operations etc.)

Across tourism, hospitality and events related stakeholders (i.e. governments, businesses and entrepreneurs, communities, organisations, employees and tourists, academia).The following questions arise:

  • What is the degree, breadth and depth as well as direction of such transformations?
  • Does the restart of the (tourism and travel) economy indicate a ‘next normal’ that is different and better or worse than the past?
  • What and how have tourism, hospitality and events stakeholders learnt, and how is this rethinking potentially reflected in their operations and strategies?
  • How and what market transformations have been shaped by but also re-shaped the tourism, hospitality and events related stakeholders?
  • Were and are the tourism, hospitality and events related stakeholders capable and willing to induce, manage and drive change?
  • Are the related industries ready to respond and compete in the ‘new purpose economy’?
  • To what extent have tourism, hospitality and events related stakeholders recalibrated their priorities, values, strategic and operational social and economic practices?

The CAUTHE 2021 conference online aims to advance current debates regarding transformations and future directions in the tourism, hospitality and events industries. To that end, the conference brings together scholars, researchers, professionals and policymakers to stimulate discussions and the exchange of research findings and ideas pertaining but not limited to the above-mentioned questions addressing the conference theme Transformations in Uncertain Times: Future perfect in tourism, hospitality and events.

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